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What you will actually learn from this course?

Learners will develop hands-on design & development skills using the latest industry-leading software tool known as Adobe Photoshop.

Students will design a real world, professional and portfolio-quality project (A Book Cover) using Adobe Photoshop.

Requirements for taking this awesome course

  • This course accepts no prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
  • All you need as a student in this course is a good computer
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC
  • A positive attitude to learn this course

Description of the course

This course focuses on the training of the thought processes & aesthetics in the creation of visual media in the form of a book cover from basic concept through the development to actual construction.

Students will develop hands-on design & development skills using the latest industry-leading software tools known as Adobe Photoshop.

Students will create a professional, portfolio-quality project (A Book Cover) using Adobe Photoshop.
This course requires no prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. All you need as a learner in this course is a good working computer, Adobe Photoshop cs6/cc software and a mind ready to learn.

Who is the target audience of this course?

Basic Adobe Photoshop users and students. This course is not for advanced users or students.

About the instructor

Tech School, Valuable Skills

Good Good Inc. was developed by Moses Nandi, the online instructor who is eager about creating content which resonates with students especially those who are just beginning their journey.

Good Good Inc. aims at creating useful courses & resources for the student who wants to learn graphic designing. We believe "a good course should make things easier and cut through the information to find what is important".

We deliver short and sweet online courses that act as an efficient way for students to achieve their desired goal.

The Pareto principle, called 80/20 rule forms the basis of Good Good Inc. teaching philosophy. It is not about quantity but more about the quality of information. What students actually need to know is only a minor fraction of all the information which is shared out there.

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